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Real-time problem solving
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Team meetings
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Serendipitous syncs
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Real-time problem solving

Tues 9:00am
Anna has a deadline and needs to chat with Laurie and Mo now.
Tues 9:02am
In Commons, Anna sees that Laurie and Mo are both available in the "Office" room. She taps her space bar and starts talking.
Tues 9:05am
Anna gets an answer in less than 3 minutes.  
Team meetings
Wed 9:56am
Mary was using Zoom for her team's daily sync. But it was such a pain to spend a few minutes each time to open a new window. And the post-meeting sidebar convos were impossible.
Wed 10:00am
Mary decides to have the meeting in Commons. The team is logged in to Commons, so they just join the room
Wed 10:16am
After the standup, the team stays in Commons and Mary hops back and forth to listen in to the post-meeting chats.
Serendipitous syncs
Team Hooli is a distributed team with 15 employees.
Sam, the team leader, needs a way to have ad-hoc audio chats, see conversations going around, and jump in when needed.
The team uses Commons and the multiple conversation areas to touch base throughout the day, have brainstorm sessions, and screen share.
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