Customer spotlight: Team Giraffe
June 15, 2021

We recently met with Cynthia and Austin of Giraffe, a startup that aims to modernize career planning and exploration. 

Their 10-person distributed team has been using Commons for about a month and it has now become part of their daily workflow. 

Check out our interview on how they’re using Commons:

What problems were you looking to solve with Commons? 

First, we want to be able to communicate with each other, anytime, in a way that feels casual -- like you do in the office. It’s so important for fast-growing teams like ours to be able to just talk through questions or problems with as little friction as possible. 

The second is visibility: we wanted a tool that could show when someone is online and available, so we can know when we can ask a quick question. 

How are you using Commons day to day?

We use Commons for both scheduled meetings and ad hoc chats. 

Scheduled meetings include daily stand-ups, pair-programming syncs and sprint planning. We end up screen-sharing a lot, so it’s helpful to have multiple screen-shares simultaneously. We switched to Commons from Zoom, since it’s faster to meet on Commons when we’re already there, and having voice-first is a nice break from video all day. 

We also use Commons for unscheduled, impromptu chats. Our team leaves Commons open throughout the day, so whenever we have a question for someone, we can just go into Commons and start talking with 1 click. 

What do you love most about Commons?

First, just the simplicity of just getting up and running. It’s just really, really simple, which is very helpful.

Second is the room design, and specifically how it’s tied to availability and project type. This is very intuitive for us and helps us organize our team’s communication. 

What has been the impact of using Commons for the team?

Overall, Commons has helped us move faster and feel more connected as a team. We’re able to get into a really good communication cadence and feel like we’re pushing forward every day.