🎉 Commons has joined Pulse!
March 7, 2022

Almost 2 years ago, the Commons team came together with a mission to make work feel more connected. Since then, we've given 100s of distributed teams an entirely new way to collaborate. 

Today, we’re very excited to announce that we’re joining forces with the team at Pulse to further our original mission.

Pulse brings the benefits of Commons but in the tools that you already use, starting with Slack. It does this by transforming your arcane Slack availability status into rich contextual information, to signal availability, to show your team you want to collaborate, to share interests, and more. It’s easily customizable for  your work style and team culture.

Pulse is available for free today on Slack, and Microsoft Teams and Google Workspace are coming next.

We're grateful to have had you along for the journey and we're excited for you to try Pulse!

Check out Pulse now!

— The Commons Team