Meet our customers: Heather, Head of CX at Comrad Socks
May 17, 2021
3 min read

Heather is Head of CX at Comrad Socks, a direct-to-consumer compression socks brand. As an early customer, she taught us a lot (!) about how Commons can help her team communicate and connect more.

Tell us about yourself

‍I'm the Head of CX at Comrad Socks. We make awesome compression socks for everyday wear.

Why were you interested in trying Commons? What problem were you trying to address?

As a small team working remotely, we struggled to connect as a team. Pre-scheduled one-on-one and team meetings are great for getting through an agenda, but it really doesn't let us connect as individuals and co-workers. And there are always issues that arise between meetings that need to be discussed and handled, and sometimes Slack just doesn't cut it.

How does your team use Commons?

We use Commons extensively, especially for the CX team. Customer issues can be complicated, and often just too complex to communicate through Slack or email effectively. Because Commons is much more casual, my CX reps are more comfortable with talking through a complex ticket or just getting a "sanity check."

What has been the impact of using Commons?

Because Commons is more casual and ad-hoc than a Zoom meeting or even a Slack call, we've been able to connect more as a team. We can talk over a complex issue on the fly, but it also fosters that human connection and water-cooler talk that let's us connect as people.