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On March 8th, 2022, we announced that Commons has joined Pulse. 

Pulse automatically updates your Slack status in real-time based on your preferences, level of focus, calendar, and the apps you use.

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No need to spend 3-4 minutes each time you want to talk to your team. Just talk with 1-click.
Help your team move faster
Don't spend 3-4 minutes each time you want to talk to your team. Just talk with 1-click.
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Customize your space
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Make it clear when you're available for a quick chat. When you're busy, go in "Do Not Disturb" automatically.
Customize your space
Make it clear when you're available for a quick chat. When you're busy, go in "Do Not Disturb" automatically.
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The fastest way to ask questions, share ideas, or say hi 👋

Resolve issues faster
Have ad hoc brainstorms
Get "water cooler" chat back
Why Commons?
Talking is 7-10x faster than typing
and real-time interaction is needed for true collaboration.
"When can I chat with
my teammates?"
"What can we talk about?"
Brainstorming, giving feedback,
solving complex problems, small talk.
Within 3 hours
Transactional conversations
Mustafa Tandogan
Mobile Apps
We’ve been using Commons since beta days and we love it. It provides much more than just meeting, such as audio-first culture without Zoom fatigue, and easy sync while working remotely.
Samed Sahin
It’s really well-designed, brilliantly simple, and smooth.
Trey Sisson
Commons has made such a huge difference for our remote team. We've tried a bunch of different products that make "informal chats" more seamless and Commons is the first one we've come across that feels natural and net-positive, not forced. Audio is often > text, so we're huge fans over here.
Heather Kunert
Head of CX
Love this for our CX team! It's great for quick check-ins and questions (or even watercooler chat.) Much more casual and relaxed than a Zoom call - just like being together in an office setting so collaboration is much freer. And sometimes it's easier to discuss than try to explain over Slack. It's become a staple communications platform for us.
Matthew Bunday
Xoogler, Building Autopilot
Commons is a really great solution for teams on Slack that want a really fast way to do break-out meetings and ad-hoc conversations. It has a super intuitive interface and captures the ability to easily meet in small teams after standup.
Michael DiBenedetto
Original Content, Snapchat
I've been using this product with my team for a few weeks and really enjoy it. I think of it as audio Slack - great for informal checkins, social chats, quick questions, polling the team on something, etc. It recreates the feeling of sitting in a cluster of desks and asking people a quick Q.
John Muchiri
Builder + Founder
Really love the product thus far. It's been useful for my team to hop on quick meetings without making them too formal with calendars and Zoom scheduling.
Patrick Pettay
Founder of Melody
As a power Slack user, I love how this is a must compliment to it. So much easier to quickly chat vs opening up a video call or writing back and forth the whole day!
Matthew Hessing
Sr Engineering Manager, Zillow
Commons makes remote work easier. I normally spend a lot of time in Zoom. This app takes away some of that friction and makes informal collaboration a bit easier. Recommend for managers and product/tech leads who sit and suffer through Zoom meetings all day!
Joe Blau
Co-founder/CEO, Tokenlaunch.com
My co-founder and I have been testing Commons for a few weeks and it's been awesome. It gives us a really nice way to drop into rooms and have a great place talk about a project or work together on notes.
Kevin William David
Co-founder, CreatorStack
If you’re like many distributed workers today, you’re deep in Zoom fatigue. What I like about Commons is that it’s audio-first and super lightweight. Plus, it enables those informal interactions that are sorely missing in today’s distributed work setup.
Krista Berlincourt
Co-founder, CreatorStack
This is so awesome! Love the human 'touch' with the 'tap on the shoulder', especially in a world filled with too complicated, overly-robotic AR/VR answers to human connection!
Brett Kushne
VP, Group Nine Media
Commons is such a great way to re-establish what we've been missing while working remotely. Our teams often work in silos, but because we all used to be in the office together, we had a lot of natural team cross-communication. After working remotely, individual teams stayed in contact, but rarely if ever talked to other teams. Commons helped recreate that feeling of being able to pop in and say hi and keep everyone together in a communal way.
Jonathan Shooshani
Co-Founder at JOON
Super helpful tool in a distributed environment!
Ron Rojany
Co-Founder, Round
Such a simple and easy to use product! No brainer for any distributed team.
Andy Bauch
Co-Founder, Morty
Has been super helpful to run standups and have ad hoc meetings with teams in multiple time zones.
Evan Madow
Co-Founder at JOON
Super helpful tool in a distributed environment!
Punhana Panahova
Growth Product Manager
Awesome product! Helps to communicate in a better way.
Nouras Haddad
Vice President Of Alliances, Firebolt
Great way to stay in touch with your remote team. Lower friction than scheduling a call, faster than typing up a long Slack message.
Pedro Martinez
Serial entrepreneur
We have being using Commons for over 2 months now, and we expect for it to become one of the main tools we'll use to comunicate as we stay in WFH.
Amelia Mehaffey
Customer Success Manager, Getro
After years of remote work induced Slacks like "When can we chat?"; "Can we sync our schedules?"; or just novels of written information that could have been communicated in 1-2 spoken sentences, Commons has provided some magical moments for our team. It's such a relief to be able to connect with someone in seconds instead of spending time scheduling a meeting for days away sometimes just to get a quick answer.
Natel Jaffee
Head of Strategy, Praytell
We've been using Commons for a couple of months at our creative agency and what I love most is that it brings back casual, internal conversations and interaction. Zoom fatigue is real and Commons is the antidote!
Dwayne Samuels
Co-founder, Samelogic
I’m in love with Commons, it’s like having your entire team with you wherever you go!
Kuami Aba
Software Engineer
I love that you can see all your chatrooms in one place and can easily switch rooms to start up a conversation!
Josh Stone
Discover team, Snap
Loving using this with my team so far! Closest thing I've found to replacing the experience of simply walking over to my coworkers desk.
Adam Pines
VP, Bodybuilding.com
Love the product, and the solution it provides. It fills that space between emails and video meetings by adding back a casual work conversion space that’s been missing with distributed teams.

100s of teams collaborate faster and feel more in sync with Commons

With a Zoom meeting, there's an agenda and pressure, but Commons is much more casual. It feels like talking over the top of a cubicle!
Heather Kunert
Head of CX, Comrad
I'm not sure how our remote team stayed in sync prior to Commons. No more shuffling calendars to find time to meet. We just talk!
Dwayne Samuels
CEO, Samelogic
Commons is great because we can all be in a room having a totally NATURAL conversation! HURRAY!
Gardner Loulan
Co-founder, Reach
The ability to have immediate, quick-hit voice conversations takes the concept of collaboration to an entirely new level.
David Bernstein
VP, JobSync
Thank you!
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